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Welcome to Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering(IPE), National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan! Established in 2007, our Interdisciplinary Program stands alongside the four Departments and two Institutes in the College of Engineering. With our dedication to cultivate engineering talents, we pride ourselves on offering an excellent, comprehensive education to meet the needs of students and society. Students enrolled in this Program will develop dual specialties through series of courses and training provided by two departments - both chosen purely in accord to students' own interests: one, out of the four Departments in the College of Engineering; and, two, from a department in any another College. We believe in an interdisciplinary future and strive to present a diverse yet robust engineering program.

Besides an thorough education with solid backgrounds and skills in engineering and applied science, we also encourage students to broaden their horizons through exchange programs or summer classes abroad. We live in an international society, hence it is crucial for our students to acquire an oversea learning opportunity and experience different cultures during their term in our program.

If you are ambitious, motivated, and want to have an impact on the real world, join us! Let's do this!