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Admission Requirement

In IPEET, the recruitment of foreign students is handled by the International Bachelor Degree Program (IBP) of the College of Tsing-Hua. We don't collect any application materials on our own.

People through admission will be IBP freshmen and then be assigned to various departments through the guidance of class teachers and tutors according to their wishes when sophomores. Therefore, students who would like to earn the Bachelor of Science could take the following into action:

  • Apply to the Group B (Engineering Technology) of IBP.
  • Take the compulsory and basic courses required by IPEET during the first study year. 
  • Switch to the Interdisciplinary Program of Engineering (English-Taught) in the College of Engineering during the second study year.


For more details, please check out the Application Guidelines on the IBP websiteIPEET is categorized as Group B (Engineering Technology) in IBP. 

*Application for Fall 2023 was available until Apr 20.

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Request for Change of Major

Please refer to the relevant Requirement.